Feet as Fetish, in Yoga angle & others…


Funny… I always loved feet. Well, not generally loving but a nice pair of feet always attracted my attention…

According to Urban Dictionary (& other webs..) there’s such thing called “Foot Fetish”which goes like this:

“The pure admiration or sexual attraction of bare feet…”

OK… so  donno about sexual attraction  (after all-licking feet does not personally seem to me very appealing but it’s a matter of taste of course) I did have always had a pure admiration towards pretty feet.


This pic above was taken few years ago of my own feet made me wonder today what stands behind this “pure admiration” so lets see some “professional, scientifical, spiritual & even famous perspectives of these little, yet huge body organ in ALL creatures created by god, nature, universe or whatever you know/believe responsible for this work of art.


Yoga: From my understanding in Yoga feet are & always will be a solid foundation in our practice… we are connected directly to the ground through our feet and one of the most powerful pose in Yoga is “Tadasana” a.k.a “Mountain-pose” which is “simply” standing on our both feet, hands straight aside our bodies, gazing forward and allowing our Chakras open in order to transfer energy all through our spine, from our basics up to the top of our heads  and back to the universal cosmos of all beings.

Physical perspective: apparently there are in both feet  approx. over 50 bones, 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments holding them together and allow movement.

Dudes… that’s a pretty massive organ isn’t it? a sensate one even!

The health & importance of our feet, despite their distance from our heart and brain are very high… again… what’s a building with weak foundation ? nothing really – and these little cute pair are deferentially the foundation of our each and own personal building of a body…

Spiritual perspective: There’s a wide discussion in the spiritual world regards feet. Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and last but not least our own and each spiritual path. Some articles counts the feet as a “forgotten Chakra” since in their claim the feet chakra isn’t as common as other chakras (BTW Chakra is a n energy center in our body ;)), But majority do relate to it as energy of grounding and manifesting of our live purposes, and some even to the trails we left walked on earth in current and previous life. interesting…  Ever wondered why some places when you travel feel so familiar to you ? Maybe its cause you walked there sometime along history with those pair of feet… well, kind of…

Hollywood perspective: A nice “touch of feet” for me is of  an amazing filmmaker and actor Quentin Jerome Tarantino who never misses a chance in his fabolous movies to share an everlasting interest and pure admiration of feet… I haven’t found an official statement of his in regards feet but got a hunch it’s there … especially after watching this short clip :


What can I say… Love these pair of body foundations… Love the depth in searching info on them, Love the ability they give us in movement, dance or simply standing… Love everything about them and hoping after this post you will love your feet more or at least just as much…to take a good care of them.

somebody said foot fetish? 🙂

till next time… xoxo


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