What’s all that noise about?

Sensitive hearing can be a major discomfort, especially in a world where “peace and quiete-pls!”  can put you in the weirdos spotlight. Noise on the other hand is less mentioned, as if there’s global consent that noise is legitimate.

Is it?

In the year of  2017  metropolitan modern life has become so noisy you can’t possibly hear yourself thinking…

noise-4It can be the next door neighbour or the one beneath you dragging furniture, a high hills walker, or simply “lets shout our lives away” building associates. It can either be the never-ending buildings renovation process, the cat, the dog, the cat again,  a bird a plane and as far as I know-it can also be Superman. So much noise.

“There are many different sources of environmental noise to which people are exposed including, for example:

• transport (road traffic, rail traffic, air traffic);

• construction and industry;

• community sources (neighbours, radio, television, bars and restaurants); and

• social and leisure sources (portable music players, fireworks, toys, rock concerts, firearms, snowmobiles, etc.). “

(For full article)

To sum up – doesn’t matter where it comes from – modern living means modern (noise) living.

For heaven sake, it CAN really be everywhere, and it is.  Underneath your sofa, inside your building, at your gym, favorite coffee place, bar, beach, street, yoga center, supermarket, hairdresser, you name it –  but above it all, can and most likely is –  inside your own self.

Big “New Agee” definition ha? Our own, self…  well lets see how big.

The noise is within thy-self full stop  noise5

Yes,  modern life hasn’t been making it much easy for the human’s brain in terms of external noise but yet again my friends… Noise is relative and subjective and by being so, comes from within. That’s why many people are considered in-sane, just because they hear things majority of society simply can’t. Are they imagining it? maybe yes, maybe no… but who are we to determine rule as such based on the probability of us being tiny bitsi ignorant?


“I have long-held the opinion that the amount of noise that anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity and therefore be regarded as a pretty fair measure of it.”
Arthur Schopenhauer .


The thing about noise that I find most frustrating is the sense of loneliness that comes with it. Those who suffer from it most likely live among people who can’t even hear it, what makes those “super-power hearing” people rather lonely, ashamed, full of doubt alongside with the fatigue that comes with the lak of sleep usually involved.

Life seems different & it sometimes feels that we’re alone in this battle for inner peace that constantly being disturbed by  external irritating noise per se.

So how do we approach this noisy pickle? how do we turn noise to if not our friend then at least our “frienemy”?

I personally suffer dearly from modern noise… but am a city gaol. Yes, I’ve tried to move to the countryside to get some sleep but found out that it wasn’t the right time for me to “hit suburbia”. I thrive in cities after all. So first I became very frustrated, then I realized frustration isn’t the answer and only then went on a  research and came up with some cool stuff. Hope it will help you too:

  1. Know you are not alone! And not insane! of all things – you’re gifted.
  2. Making peace with the fact that you DO LIVE WITH PEOPLE and got to take the good with the less good.
  3. lavender oil always help for relaxation and relaxation is the name of the game.
  4. Be active! Fill your day with activity  so that by the time you get to bed – you are actually tired …
  5. Eat well but end your meal festive at around 4 hour prior to bedtime.
  6. Avoid industrial sugar consumption (in general best but if not possible at least 🙂 in the evenings).
  7. Meditation – Find your way to meditate -Yoga, Karate, Dancing, Singing… and do it.
  8. Breathing technique in bed and in general – helps in calming the nerve system. (Can be found on Web)
  9. If it’s something specific and you’re able to sound proof  read maybe this article .
  10. Try to accept the sound with love & refer to it less as noise-more as sound.
  11. Smile 🙂  more – frown less .
  12. Email me on hisidehersideblog@gmail.com  and I promise to do my best to assist with tools to cope.

And if nothing helps you get peace and good night sleep… move again – do not compromise on your wellbeing cause after all,

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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